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Monday, June 7, 2010

Orks Vs. Chaos Marines

I got a game of 40K in this weekend and boy did it prove that I need to start playing more. My buddy Reed came over with his Space Orks and managed to table me by turn 4.

Reed played his Blood Axe Orks against my Disciples of Tzeentch Chaos Marines. This is not going to be a full battle report, I am just posting some of the pictures we took (there would be more pics but we get so involved in the game we forgot) while playing a fun filled game. I will also talk about some of the crazy moments of the game.

This was Reeds Tournament list and his orks were very deadly. What amazed me even more is he didn't use any of the typical power units such as Nobz Bikers or a Battlewagon full of Burna Boyz. My Tzeentch Chaos Marines are an army in transition from 4th to 5th and soem of my changes worked wonderfully and I am happy with how the army is progressing even though I got tabled.

I had some Epic Fail moments such as when my Daemon Prince attacked a Trukk of boys. I managed to destroy the truck, but the Ramshackle roll was a  Kareen and moved the trukk 14" behind me, and furthermore none of the Orks took an injury. This left my Daemon Prince unprotected and susceptible to a tankshock from the Battlewagon. My Daemon Prince did a "death or glory" against the Battlewagon promptly rolled two 1's. Apparently my lord Tzeentch was punishing him for his failure with the Trukk.

Another huge failure of mine was with my Terminators. I teleported them on the table to strengthen my right flank that was being over run by Ork Boss Zagstruk and his Stormboyz. I rolled horribly on thier shooting and then completely forgot that Combi-bolters are twin linked. Then the next ruen when the Orks assaulted me I couldn't make my 2+ saves or my 4+ invul when I needed too and the unit got wiped out.

My final major failure was when my Chosen outflanked and came in on my right flank within striking distance of the Deff Dread, I fired 3 meltas and only managed to remove 1 of its 4 CCWs. The next turn the Dread then slaughtered the chosen.

It wasn't all doom and gloom for me though as I did have one shining moment and it came from my Aspiring Sorcerer. After taking an assault from the Warboss and his Nobz, my Aspiring Sorcerer ended up being base to base with the Warboss whom he managed to slaughter using his force weapon. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and Reed easily won the game a turn later.

In the end we had a great game. Any time you can be tabled and still have a blast is a great game to me. We had some very cinematic moments in the game and Reed is a great guy to play against competitively or just for fun like we did on Sunday.

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