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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honoured Imperium Terrain Tutorial

I just wanted to show off my Honoured Imperium pieces. I am not posting a tutorial per say, but I am going to link the GW tutorial  Honoured Imperium: Painting stage-by-stage. I used the first part of the article, Painting Tarnised Metal. I followed the tutorial pretty closely excepts i did a very heavy wash to add the tarnish because I wanted my models to look even more tarnished than the examples they did. I am very happy with the results.

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Aleksi Lehtio said...

The effect looks really great on the Space marine statue. Great work. I honestly like the look of your tarnished metal over the one on the GW website.

BJ said...

Thanks, I used the same methods and colors I just decided to tarnish mine up a bit more.

Karitas said...

Those look wicked, and I handt seen the GW tutorial, so thanks for that :)

BJ said...

NP Karitas, there are two other methods in the tutorial but the first one was the one I was looking for.

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