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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Projects Update

Time for another projects update. First up as you can see by the picture I have completed the Dwarf Grudge Thrower. I would add more detail to it but I need it to match my Dwarf Army so as it is right now they are a match. I may one day go back and use some washes on all my Dwarfs but for now I am one step further to having all 4K points painted, all I have left is a unit of Quarrelers, a unit of Rangers and 3 special characters.

I got sidetracked this week with a Tzeentch Chaos Lord conversion (more on that tomorrow), so I didn't get anything else finished this week. My Templar Crusade Squad is about 50% painted which leaves me with an Assault Squad, 6 heavy/special weapon troops, a Rhino and a Predator until that army is complete.

I have a 15 strong squad of Blood Claws for my friend that is about 25% done. I Still have another 20 or so of them and then some Long Fangs. My Tomb King skeletons are about 90% finished and I haven't begun any of the other models listed on my projects page yet.

Well that pretty much gets things up to date. Now I must get back to some painting. As always any comments are welcome.


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