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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crusade of Alamodia IV Campaign: Battles 1 thru 3

This is the 2nd in an Series of posts Please read the prior post to get all the information.

Crusade of Alamodia IV Campaign: An Introduction

In the last post I discussed the basic rules of the campaign and some background on the event Today I will be posting my rules for the first three battles in the campaign.

Battle 1 - Planet Fall

As the Ork WAAAGH prepares its onslaught of Saint Antonius the Black Templars begin preparations for their planet fall. Supplies have been dropped to the planet's surface in automated containers; some have went off course and must be gathered for the upcoming battle.

 Battle Briefing:

This battle forms a 'prologue' to the campaign, taking place before the main offensive gets underway. Both sides have deployed a force to recover the supplies lost by an ill-fated re-supply mission. On top of the supplies the Canoness of the Order of the Valorous Heart is missing in the same general area and must be rescued.

Playing the battle:
- Mission Type: Seize Ground
- Deployment: Dawn of War
- 750 pts per side, Standard FOC
- Terrain - Hills woods and open ground

Special Rules:

No matter the amount of Objectives rolled, at least one will be a Sister's of Battle Canoness. If the Canoness is controlled by the Templar Player, they will then have access to Units from the Witch Hunter's codex for the rest of the campaign. If the Orks capture this objective then the Templar player will not have access to the Witch Hunters units; they will be too busy mounting a rescue of their Canoness. If no one controls this objective, roll a D6, if an even number is rolled the Templars will still get access to the Witch Hunter codex for units.

Each objective controlled gives 50 additional points to the player for the next battle.
The victor of the battle gains an additional 50 points to spend.
The Victor of the Battle is the attacker for Battle 2.

Battle 2 - Reinforcements

With the supplies recovered it is now time to reinforce the front lines. As the convoys make their way they must watch out for deadly ambushes.

Battle Briefing:

This battle represents both sides trying to get or stop reinforcements to the front lines.  It uses the Ambush rules on pages 268-269 or the BRB

Playing the Battle:
- Mission Type: Ambush
- Deployment: Ambush
- 1000 pts per side, Standard FOC
- Terrain - Hills, woods, open ground and buildings

Special Rules:

Random Game Length
Any units the defender gets within 12" of the Attackers board Edge are free to buy for Battle 3
Any Defenders Non-Troop Units that get Destroyed cannot be used in Battle3.

Battle 3 - Higher Ground

With both sides reinforced it is now time for the first major action of the war. The hill country outside of Saint Antonius is a pivotal battle round. He who controls the Hill Country may just control the war.

Battle Briefing:

This battle represents a fight for some strategic ground. This winner will most assuredly control the destiny of further battles in this war.

Playing the Battle:
- Mission Type: Capture and Control
- Deployment: Spear Head
- 1500 pts per side, Standard FOC, restrictions/additions as per Special Rules for Battle 2
- Terrain - Hills, woods, open ground
- Each sides objective will be a hill located in their deployment zone

Special Rules:

The Victor of this battle has gained a strategic advantage and therefore may choose to go first or second in battle 4 with no Seize the Initiative for their opponent.

Well there you have it. The first 3 battles in this narrative campaign. I have tried to make each battle effect the next in some way to really tie it all together. Please feel free to leave some comments, I just ask that they be constructive so that I can make quality adjustments to the campaign.



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