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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend of Gaming: Friday Fun

Well after a game of 40K on Thursday night, Jason was willing to give something new a try, so I introduced him to a game of Warmachine/Hordes. I only have 1 army for each and I knew Jason, being a Black Templar fan, would enjoy the Protectorate of Menoth, so I played my Circle of Orobos Hordes army.

We played a 25pt Caster Kill game just to get him used to the rules. He used High Exemplar Kreoss as his caster with a Crusader and Repenter as his jacks, followed by a full Choir, min Flameguard with unit attachment, min Exemplar Errants and Deliverer Sunburst Crew as troops. For his Solos he chose a Vassal of Menoth and a Vassal Mechanik.

For my Circle of Orboros I chose Krueger the Stormwrath as my warlock, with Pureblood Warp wolf, Feral Warpwolf and an Argus as my warbeasts. Added to support them was a min unit of Tharn Bloodtrackers as troops and a Blackclad Wayfarer as a solo.

Jason micked up the rules rather quickly and we had an awesome game that was close down to the bitter end when he managed to get Kreoss through the lines using his Knockdown feat and a turn later he was beating down Krueger in hand to hand. I was happy that Jason picked up on the game so quickly and he really enjoyed playing it. You can see some of the images of the battle below.

Later in the evening we decided to give a game of Fantasy Battles a try. I enjoy WHFB but Jason has never been a huge fan of it but he decided he wanted to give it a try again. He saw that I had acquired a Vampire Counts army so he decided that he wanted to give them a go. I chose to play my Dwarf and Jason has faced my Orscs and Goblins several times in the past. I will update this post with our lists if I can find exactly what we did with them. I basically took a gunline combined with as many units of Dwarfs I could fit in the army. Jason took 3 Vampires and a Necro and supported them with tons of Skellies, Zombies, and bats.

Needless to say the game did nothing to encourage Jason to enjoy fantasy more as my Dwarfs blasted away at the undead and then their excellent leadership kept them in most close combats which meant I was able to give him high losses even after losing a few of the first rounds of combat. In the end it was a massacre and Jason was left as disappointed as always with the Fantasy Battles rules system.

I did take a few pics of our battle and I am posting them below in slideshow form as well.

As awlays thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read the blog. I will be posted some more pics from my weekend as battle reports from the 40K campaign we played. Please feel free to leave some comments.



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