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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Long Weekend of Gaming

As I mentioned in my Crusade of Alamodia Campaign posts, my good friend Jason is coming in for a long weekend visit which we will be spending the majority of gaming. Tonight, after I pick him up from the Airport, I plan on taking him to the Warmachine/Hordes night at my FLGS and introducing him to that gaming system. I am assuming he will be tired after the long trip, so that may be all the gaming we do tonight.

Tomorrow we will start with a game or two of 40K just to get him used to the 5th edition rules that he has yet to play, then maybe some Warhammer Fantasy just to change it up a bit and possibly going to go watch Tron at the movies.

Saturday will be devoted to the campaign which should take up the majority of the day as Waaahg! Grubak throttles his Black Templar crusade. If needed we will carry over the campaign into Sunday, but if not will we fill Sunday up with more 40K, Fantasy Battles and Warmachine/Hordes!

All and all I am really looking forward to the weekend, I am just Happy his wife let him come for a visit and that my wife is willing to lose her husband for 4 days of gaming madness. I will post as much as I can throughout the weekend, but I will make the more quality posts in the week that follows I am sure.

As always, thank for taking the time to read the blog and please feel free to leave a comment.



Deadmeat said...

Have Fun.

MIK said...

Take plenty of pics!

What time are you guys starting on Saturday? I'll bring the beer...

Meatball said...

I already took plenty of pics, I will definitely be posting some soon!

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