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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Project Update: More Space Wolves

Between yesterday and today I was able to finish 3 more units of my Space Wolves. What began as a distraction from painting Orcs and Goblins has quickly become my new obsession, lucky for me it won't last too long as I don't yet own everything I need to run my Ragnar Blackmane all Drop Pod list. I have plenty of Space Wolves but I am lacking the 8 Drop Pods I need. Luckily by next week I will have 3, including a Forge World Dreadnought Pod.

First up we have two more units of Grey Hunters. This puts me at a total of 3 units of 6 so I will probably do some more Blood Claws next to endure I have all of my troops I have in my list covered.

All 3 of my Grey Hunter units have different pack marking on their shoulder pads so I will easily be able to tell them apart on the battle field. I also tried to kit each one slightly differently so that each could do multiple roles if needed. All 3 will have a Wolf Guard in their ranks as well to even more diversify each units combat effectiveness.

I have plenty more Grey Hunters to go around so I can add to unit strength or even add a new unit if I decide the list needs some minor tweaking.

Last up today is my first Long Fang Squad. This unit can do multi-purpose shooting with 2 Meltas and 2 Missile Launchers. I will be fielding a second unit that will either field 4 Missiles or 3 Missles and a Las Cannon.

Well that is all for today, but you check out all of my painted Space Wolves here if you would like. As always thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment, especially if you have any experience playing or facing a Space Wolf Drop Pod list.



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