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Thursday, May 26, 2011

RPG: Dark Heresy

It has been nearly 5 years since I last played a Pen and Paper RPG. Being in the military it is sometimes hard to find and maintain a group. The last group I gamed with was fantastic, but slowly we all got orders to different parts of the world and I have just not found the motivation to start looking to play again.

All of that started to change as I began listening to back episodes of The Minions of the Monster Master podcast. Their original few episodes did two things for me. First and foremost it made me rememberall the things I loved about playing RPGs with a group of friends and to be honest it is something I miss greatly. The 2nd thing is they introduced me to the Dark Heresy RPG.

In the past I have always played mostly fantasy based RPGs and mostly Dungeons and Dragons at that. I even had the chance last year to get in on a D&D campaign that was just starting. I bought the 4th edition books and to be honest I just did not like the new rules so I decided not to play. Dark Heresy though has intrigued me; firstly because it is Sci-Fi and I haven't played a Sci-Fi RPG since I played Rifts while stationed in Alaska and that was over 10 years ago.Secondly, I read the entire core rule book and I love it. I love the character creation; it really feels like an in-depth system. So now I am in the process of trying to get a group together to play and it is looking like a real possibility around July this year.

So this will be another addition to the blog as I plan on writing about my experiences with the game. There is a chance I will be the GM so I am not sure how my posts will be if that is the case, but if I get to be a player I though it might be cool if I made posts as though my character was writing his experiences in a journal, but I will know more once I know for sure what I will be doing.

Well thanks for taking your time to read what could be a new addition to My Dice Hate Me! and I would like to send a special thanks to the crew over at The Minions of the Monster Master podcast. Their live play episodes have really got me excited about RPGs which is what got me into gaming in the first place.



MIK said...

Oh man, how exciting! Tabletop RPG's are really cool if for nothing else than the friend factor. I wish you all the luck getting this off the ground and look forward to seeing new installments here.

A buddy of ours ran a blog based on their Rogue Trader campaign, he /was/ the GM but he did it right:

And thanks for the Minions plug!

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