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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Battle Report: Sisters of Battle Vs. World Eaters

My buddy Scott and I got in a game of 40K over the weekend, so I thought I would put up a battle report. All the images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Order of the Valorous Heart Vs. World Eaters
Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives)
Deployment Type: Dawn of War
Points Limit: 2000

This was the look of the board at the start of the game. We both had our two Troops and 1 HQ. The Sisters set up in the south with one unit of Battle Sisters guarding an object in the SW Building and another Battle Sisters unit guarding an objective in the center ruins. My Palatine and her retinue were encased in their Immolator behind the cover of a building on the East. The World Eaters had a unit of Berzerkers in a Rhino in the NW corner and a unit of Berzerkers with a Chaos Lord in a Rhino on the NE corner of the board. I kept Celestine and my Seraphim in reserve while Scott had 2 units of lesser Daemons and a Greater Daemon. Scott tried to seize the objective but failed.

Turn One:  Not a whole lot happened on the first turn, mostly we just moved our remaining forces onto the board. We both kept the mass of our forces towards the center. I did throw my Sisters Repentia backed by a Priest on the right flank to deal with the Rhino.

Sisters of Battle Turn Two: On the second turn Saint Celestine and the Seraphim successfully deepstruck onto the roof of the SW building. I moved the Inquisitor and the unit of Battle Sisters he was with towards the chaos Rhino in the center. I moved my Sisters Repentia closer to the Rhino on the right flank but could not get off a charge. The other units continued moving forward as fast as possible. In the Shooting phase my Exorcist managed 4 shots at the Rhino in the center, two of which were blocked by a cover save, but the two that got through were able to destroy the vehicle. Amazingly none of the Bezerkers inside took damage from the blast, obviously Khorne was with them. The Inquisitor ordered that the Traitor Marines be cleansed, so my Battle Sisters opened up with a heavy flamer, flamer and bolters, but only managed to kill off three of the traitors, this would cost them soon!

World Eaters Turn Two: Scott had an excellent 2nd turn almost to the point I thought the game may be over. First hed had a unit of Lesser Daemons spawn in the center of the board then the Greater Daemon decided to make his presence known as well. The Champion was still inside a Rhino and we were not sure how that was handeled but since we were there to have fun and Scott was dismounting anyway, we played it off that he jumped out of the Rhino, then began twisting and scream until the Greater Daemon burst from his body. During the shooting phase the Havocs blew the heavy flamer off of the Palatines Immolator and then managed to immobilize it s well. In the assault phase the Daemon and Berserkers made short work on the Sisters Repentia, but it came at a cost. The Chaos Lord's Daemonic weapon turned on him causing a wound and the Repentia managed to kill a Berserker and cause a wound on the Greater Daemon. The Inquisitor and Sisters in the center did not fair as well, causing only a single wound on the Berserkers before being wiped out!

Sisters of Battle Turn Three: Going into turn 3 I was very concerned then I saw some thing I could do to wreak some havoc on Scott. I moved my Sisters guarding the SW objective up to confront the Berzerkers I then move my 2nd Immolater up to the newly arrived Daemons. Saint Celestine and the Seraphim flew towards the Chosen in the ruins and my Palatine and her Celestians left the immobilized Immolator moving towards the Choas Dread. Finally I had my Penitent Engines move towards the Defiler. In the shooting phase My Sisters opened up on the Berzerkers in the center with flamers and bolters killing all but one. The Immolater, a Battle Sister Squad and the Retributor Squad opened fire on the Daemons sending them screaming back into the warp. Then my dice failed me as both the Celestian melta gun and the Palatine's Inferno Pistol missed the Dreadnought at point blank range. The final Batlle Sister squad took pot shots at the Greater Daemon inflicting another wound. Lastly the Exorcist fired 6 missiles at the Greater Daemon blowing it howling back to the aether. Saint Celestine and the Seraphim charged the chosen killing them all and losing two of their own. The Sisters attacked the last Berzerker in the center killing him but not before two of them were felled. The Palatine attacked the Dreadnought with her Eviscerator but failed to do any damage, in return the dread killed off two of the Celestian retinue who then failed their leadership and were wiped out while attempting to run away. The final assault was the Penitent Engines attacking the Defiler, they attacked simultaneously and managed to all get immobilized. It was a good turn for me, but I took some losses I could not afford.

World Eaters Turn Three: Scott's other Lesser Daemon unit spawned in off the Berzerkers in the middle then proceeded to move towards my Sisters who were retreating back to their objective. The Berzerkers then fired a plasma at my Immolator shaking the crew. The Dreadnought assaulted my immobilized Immolator and managed to tear it to pieces. The Havocs managed to kill off two Seraphim, it would have been more but I finally managed to get off an act of faith giving them 3+ invulnerable saves. Laslty the Lord left his unit to single-handedly charge the Sisters of Battle unit while his Berserkers moved into secure an objective. In the Assault the Lord killed 4 sisters but also took another wound himself. The unit failed its leadership but still managed to escape the Lord and run away! I almost forgot the Penitent Engines managed to destroy the Defiler, but now just stood as useless immobilized hunks of metal. It was becoming dire both armies as our numbers continued to dwindle.

Sisters of Battle Turn Four: I moved my Sisters of Battle up to intercept the Daemons and managed to kill 3 to shooting. I took Celestine and the remaining Seraphim off to intercept the Berzerkers in the Center. My Exorcist fired at the Dread but he made all of his cover saves. My Retributors fired at the Chaos Lord leaving a burn hulk of flesh and armour where the warriors of the Dark Gods once stood. The Battle Sisters who were running away managed to rally while the final squad of sisters in the ruins fired on the Bezerkers killing 3. The Assault phase is where my dice turned against me. I assaulted the Daemons but failed to cause a single wound while taking 2 in return. I then failed my leadership test and got wiped out completely! That was definitely a loss I could ill afford!

World Eaters Turn Four: The Daemons attacked Saint Celestine killing off her remaining 2 Seraphim before the Living Saint returned them to the warp. The same did not hold true for the Battle Sisters in the ruins. Even with a faith point spent to get them an invulnerable save, they could not withstand an assault by both the Berserkers and a Dreadnought. The remaining Rhino opened up on the other Battle Sisters causing 2 wounds but they passed their panic test.

Sisters of Battle Turn 5: There was very little for me to do this turn. I moved Celestine to charge the Berzerkers and this would cost me later. Then the Retributors shot at the Berzerkers killing them to a man. This left Celestine out in the open and too far away to assault the dreadnought. The Exorcist fired two missiles at the Dread but it made both cover saves. Lastly the Melta gun in the final Sisters unit destroyed the Chaos Rhino.

World Eaters Turn 5: The Havocs blew the weapon off my Exorcist. Then a spawn amtacked Celestine who easily destroyed the beast. The dreadnought assaulted my Retributor squad chopping each member to bits as I failed another Faith Point roll so no invulnerable saves. Things were looking grim but the game continued into turn 6 so I still had a chance!

Turns 6 and 7: M plan for Turn 6 was to use my melta gun to and hopefully destroy the dreadnought. This failed epically as my melta gunner missed another close shot on the dread. The Living Saint killed the remaining Spawn. On Scott's turn the dread assaulted the Sisters and thanks to faith points finally working again I had 3+ invulnerable saves. This saved the unit and kept it in game for Turn 7.The only thing I did Turn 7 was attempt another shot at the Dreadnought which again went sailing past it. I then conceded the game as I had no way of pulling a draw let alone a victory.

This was a really hard fought battle that kept swaying back and forth with each passing turn. Scott played his army well and got to me quickly before I could really do a number on him with the Sister's shooting. I really can't believe how many Faith point tests I failed, but my blog didn't get its name out of thin air :). I would say the best performer for me was Saint Celestine and her Seraphim as they really did some damage on several units during the battle. All in all the game was a blast and I had a great time playing. Scott is always fun to play with and the game ran so smoothly we were done in just over 2 hours. I am looking forward to our next match up, hopefully soon.

As always thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.

- Meatball


Night Runner said...

That was a great read, and an even better game. I enjoyed the fact that I could not really tell who was going to win until the end. These are the kind of games I like to play, where victory is hard fought and nothing is certain.

Meatball said...

I am glad you liked it. This was easily one of the most fun and close battles I have ever fought in. Lots of action and never really knowing who was going to come out on top! I love those kinds of battles :)

Papa JJ said...

Really entertain battle report, thanks! Sorry it didn't turn out in your favor but I'm glad it was still such a fun game for you guys... looks like the game was good and bloody! That's a cool mapping tool, by the way, real nice work all around.

Meatball said...

@Papa JJ - Thank you. The game was a blast even though I lost. The sister's performed very well against a close combat oriented army and really showed what they were made of.

The program I used is the Vassal 40K. I use a different tool for my fantasy battles called Battle Chronicler

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