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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knights of Bal Timorea: Heraldry Colors for Sir Dubois

Well I have my knight assembled and named so now I figured I should maybe start planning his Heraldry.

I was hoping to find some hidden family crest or something that I could use for inspiration, but unfortunately none existed that I or my family members could find. So I then decided to look at the national colors and flags for the Two countries my family comes from, Poland and Germany.

This is the flag of Poland. I really like the red and white combination of colors and I have quite a few ideas for the Heraldry running through my mind

This is the flag and colors of Germany. Again we have red so I definitely see red as one of my chosen colors. This flag also has a yellow and black, both of which I wouldn't mind incorporating into the heraldry in some way.

Next we have some Icons from both countries, First is from Poland followed by Germany.

As you can see they both take on the colors of the country the represent and both contain different versions of an eagle. That means that an eagle will make an appearance on the heraldry.  I should now have enough information to design my Knights Heraldry.

I decided to go with the colors of the Polish flag and combine it with the German black eagle icon. So located below you can see the final heraldry of George Thaddius Dubois.


Now all I have left is to prime my Knight and get to painting! More updates soon.



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