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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cyclone Jack Finished!

I finished another Jack for my buddy Mike this weekend. I am pretty happy with how the model turned out so far. I used the same colors as I described in the My 1st Painted Warmachine Jack post (see the post for details).

I want to give each Jack a unique look for his army. With his Ironclad I used blue as the primary color with white and the secondary and yellow in very small amounts. With his Cyclone, I went with White and Blue as equal primary colors with a secondary of yellow being a more prominent color than on his Ironclad.

I also got to paint my first Icon fora wargaming model. For years I have relied on decals but no more, after practicing drawing the Cygnar icon several times on a piece of paper, I was able to draw it on the model then fill it in with paint. This is a real milestone for me and one I am pretty excited about.

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