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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project Update: Casket of Souls

Just a quick post today to show a pic of my completed Casket of Souls. I painted it using the same colors as the rest of my army. If you notice I have no priest on the Casket. This is intentional so that I can give the casket to any one of my Liche Priests depending on the army list I am running.

One other thing you may notice is the Tomb Guards are not the models that came with the casket, instead they are just of the Skeletons that come with the chariot kit, with weapons and shields from the warriors it. I did this so that I could use the Casket Tomb Guard in the front ranks of my actual Tomb Guard unit. You will get to see pictures of this unit in a future blog post

With this model I now have a completely painted Tomb King army. I am in the process of photographing the whole army for a future post that will show case my Tomb Kings. As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please fell free to leave a comment.


John said...

Very cool Ive played guys who have them in the army but they proxied something for it so its great to see the model finally.

Looks awesome great job

BJ said...

Thank you. I am pretty happy with it. I did save it to last so I would not be tempted to rush it.

I have yet to use it in a game but I have it in my list for the next time I play.

Kuffeh said...

That looks great dude. I remember painting on of those up, the skellies were annoying to paint. I like your conversions (or replacements) for the guards. Really nice work.

BJ said...

Thanks Kuffeh, I really like how the replacements look. For me it makes the model more dynamic.

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