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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Side Project: Ulthwe Eldar

A few posts back I posted pics of my new Vyper Jetbikes for my Ulthwe. I had a request to post some larger pics so I thought I would just go ahead and post all of my painted Ulthwe. You should be able to click on the images for much larger ones.

I paint my Eldar when I need a break from painting whatever current army I am working on. I have been painting Sisters of Battle and Tomb Kings for a couple weeks now, so I needed a small break and painted up my Vyper jetbikes.

I just recently finished converting and painting these Jetbikes after reading an article by Fritz on Way of Saim-Hann. The article talked about different load outs for the Vypers. I really liked the idea of using a Multi-Laser mount with an upgraded Shuriken Cannon underneath. This gives them the versatility I am looking for from this unit.

Lucky for me I had some of the new Eldar vehicle weapon sprues lying around so I pulled the original weapons off the Vypers and added the Multi-laser to the turrent. Then I clipped off the twin-linked Shuriken Catapults and fixed the Shuriken Cannons in their place.

Next up is my Guardian Defender Squad armed with a Star Cannon Support platform. I like the idea of the completely black armor of the Ulthwe so painting it was extremely simple. I primed the model black and then added suttle codex grey and then stone grey highlights. I then used bleached bone with an ink wash to pick out detials like the gun and other gear on the model.

For my support platform I used the same choice of colors that I used on the unit. I used a drill and a paper-clip to make the platform float above the ground. I also used an extra crew
from a heavy weapons platform.

For my HQ I knew I had to have a Seer Council. I again stuck to the main colors of the army but since they were my HQ I added Eldar symbols to thier robes in bleached bone.

Finally for higher point games I had to add Eldrad Ulthran, for who else is suitable to lead a large group of Ulthwe Eldar? I used a few more colors because he is a special character. I also added several more eldar runes to his robes and cape.

Well there you have it, my completed Ulthwe thus far. I have no clue when this army will ever be finished but I am very happy with what I have done so far.

As always thank you for visiting the blog and all comments are welcome.



oni said...

Excellent stuff.

sovietspace said...

Thats a lovely looking force mate. You've really got the Ulthwe down to a tee!

I like the idea of a 'back burner' army, one you paint to get away from everything else. I must try that with my next project!

Sylvos said...

Good job on Ulthwe`!
I play Ulthwe` Eldar as my primary army and have a Black Templar army as my secondary. I always find it amusing to see people play the anti-psyker and then the psyker armies as their back ups and vice versa! Be sure to post your lists!

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