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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Vampire Counts Rules: My Opinions

So earlier in the week I gave my opinions on the first half of the New Sisters of Battle Codex. Well today I am going to do the same for the new Vampire Counts Official Rules additions found in the same White Dwarf. 

First up we have the new Terrorgheist. This is a beautiful model but it is also the kit for the Zombie dragon so I will have to buy two of them :-(. THe rules are very cool for this model. It is a mount for a Ghoul King which is any Vampire that has taken the Ghoulkin Vampiric Power. It is a Monstrous mount so in addition to all of its normal attacks it get a Thunder Stomp at the end. It has an ability called Death Shriek a nice amount of attacks as well as wounds. I have been planning a Ghoul army for awhile now and this baby is giving me the incentive I need to get started on it ASAP. It also has upgrades in the form of Infested, which causes damage to enemy units if the Terrorgheist is destroyed. It also can buy Rancid Maw wihich upgrades its attacks to poison.
In my opinion I really like the Terrorgheist, and I definitely see one in my future, the Zombie Dragon must come first though.

Next up comes a new hero choice for the Vampire Counts, the Tomb Banshee. I am really excited about the option of taking heroes other than Vampires in my army and the Tomb Banshee is a great option. Stat wise she is not that great but the fact she causes terror, is ethereal and has the Ghostly Howl which can be used in combat, makes her well worth it as a substitute hero for any Vampire Count force. I love the new model and I will surely have one of these running with one of my Skeletal units, maybe even my Skeleton horde.

Last up we have yet another Hero choice. The Cairn Wraith. I plan to run possibly two of these guys depending on the points I am playing. Again their stats are not great but they too make up for it with Ethereal, Terror and the Chill Grasp ability, although I am not sure giving up 2 attacks with a great weapon is worth one attack that auto wounds if it hits, but we shall see. I will be using this model with either my ghouls or skeletons or possibly both if I run two. Either way I think these are an excellent option if you don't wish to run numerous expensive Vampires.

Well there you have it. I think that the new rules are going to be very useful especially to players like myself who only want to run one or two Vampires. We now have some very useful option as hero choices and a very nice new mount for a Ghoul King. I think GW did an excellent job with these new units and I hope they continue on into the new Vampire Counts rulebook when ever it comes out.

So what are your opinions on the new Official Vampire Count rules?



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