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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First Citadel Finecast: Tomb King Liche Priest

Well today I broke down and bought my very first Citadel Finecast model, The Liche Priest for my Tomb Kings army.

The first thing I am happy to report is that my model had no warping or bubbles. There was a little flash but it cleaned up very easily with my hobby knife. The mold lines were almost none existent.

Over all the detail is great and I don't think it would look as good in metal, but when I purchased it today I got to compare it to the new Vampire Counts Cairn Wraith and Tomb Banshee, both of which are highly detailed, made of plastic and cost less.

Now what does concern me is the model does not feel very sturdy. I mean I expected it to be less sturdy than metal, but this feels more flimsy than some of my plastic skeletons from the same army. I am hoping that since the material gives more than plastic this will allow him to hold up to the strain of gaming.

In the end I am pretty happy with my purchase. I got a good model that didn't have any of the problems that are frequently put out there about finecast. It was a little more expensive than I feel it should be, but it looks like it will be a joy to paint and will fit very nicely in my Tomb Kings army.

Well there you have it, my product review for my very first Finecast model. Please take a moment to talk to me about any Finecast models you have purchased and what you though of their quality and price.



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