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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying a New Game: Malifaux

After watching the guys at my FLGS play a few games, I decided that I am going to give Wyrd Miniatures' Malifaux a try as a new game. The miniature range is very unique and I am intrigued by the use of a deck of cards as opposed to dice rolls. The game was relatively cheap for me to get into as the box set pictured above was given to me by a friend who wants me to play the game. Even if I had to buy it this set retails for $35 so by far one of the cheapest starter sets I have seen. Even better is Wyrd  Miniatures is going to be releasing the rules as a free PDF download, so I don't need to rush out and buy a rulebook until I know if I like the game. You don't even need to buy the Malifaux cards as you can use any regular deck of cards, but I already know I want the Malifaux cards because I thought the artwork on them was very cool.

Another reason I am excited is because I am going to use these models to tryout some new painting techniques I have wanted to try. I went with the Arcanists faction and chose Ramos and the Miners and Steelfitters Union as the starter box set. Ramos seems to use allot of metal automatons so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at Non-Metallic Metals (NMM). Also as you can see in the image to the right Ramos has a magical fireball in his hand so I felt this would be the perfect mini to practice Object Source Lighting (OSL) on. So I will be showing off my attempts at both NMM and OSL in future posts to the blog.

As far as Malifaux goes, I would love to hear from anyone who has played the game, I am looking for honest opinions to help me decide if this game is worth investing a little more money in. I have already picked up a Steampunk Arachnid Swarm blister to add to my group as 3 individual Steampunk Arachnids and am willing to buy more i this is a quality game, other wise these are just going to be some cool minis that I use to practice painting techniques on.

As always, thank you for stopping by the blog and please feel free to leave me a comment or two about Malifaux.

- Meatball


Nesbet said...


I really don't know anything about the game, just knew some of the miniatures (pretty good BTW), so it would be awesome to read about the game itself here. And your attempts at OSL and NMM... I'll be looking forward to see more! ;D

MIK said...

I've been sitting on this rulebook since the summer and I'm never going to get around to it. We should trade or something.

Papa JJ said...

Awesome, I can hardly wait to see how Ramos and the metal ones turn out! I became interested in Malifaux last summer and picked out the same starter box to begin with although I still haven't even opened it yet. No one in my area plays the game so I also picked up the Witch Hunters box with Sonia Criid to paint as well. I'm sure I'll get around to them someday.

I read through the Malifaux rulebook and think the mechanics of the game seem really interesting and fresh, sorry I don't have anything to say about how it actually plays. I do remember Nix of The Dead Tau project ( has been enjoying Malifaux a lot over the last year so he might be a good person to ask.

Good luck with the game and your models, I bet OSL and NMM will look great on these guys.

Meatball said...

@Nesbet - I will be posting progress pics as I pint the minis. I won't be starting till probably late Feb, as I have other projects I am doing fro some friends.

@Gyro - I would love to do a trade, is there anything in particular you are looking for?

@Papa JJ - Yeah this set is one of my favorites followed closely by Rasputina and the Cult of December. Yeah the games I watched really looked interesting so I just need to get out and play a few games.

MIK said...

Umm, I dunno, I'll send you an email...

Meatball said...

I think you already have me email but just in case it is jackal at

GDMNW said...

Hmm. I took like the look of this game. The steampunk feel really comes through in the miniature range and I think there's a growing playerbase in London.

Always good to try new things.

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