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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mik's Minis: Go Check it out!

When I first started my blog, Mik's Minis was one of the first blogs I added to my blog roll. Mik (aka Gyro) always has interesting posts and I thoroughly enjoy reading his blog.

Today Mik reached 750 posts on his blog and he added a nice little post about it. Through his post Mik mentioned the only way things could be better would be if he hit the 200 followers mark, well as of this post he sits at 197, just 3 shy of this goal.

So basically I am asking you all to go check out his blog and if you are not a follower please become one. Lets see if we can get Mik his last 3 followers.

Congratulations on 750 posts Mik and lets hope we can get you to 200 followers.

- Meatball


MIK said...

Ha! Thanks for watching my 6 Meatball! I'm a sucker for even numbers, and 200 followers would've jelled nicely with 750 posts, le sigh.

I'm putting together a little prize pack to giveaway for the heck of it to boot.

Nesbet said...

Done, only two more!! =D


Night Runner said...

You're right. The guys blog is full of great ideas. I'm proud to stay that I'm his 200th follower.

Meatball said...

@Nesbet - Thank for checking out his site and becoming a follower.

@Night Runner - That is awesome that you were 200, and yes his site is a great resource for gaming in general!

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