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Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Painted Mini of 2011: Cygnar Thunder Head

Well here it is, my first completed model of 2011 and it is not even mine LOL. This is a Cygnar Thunderhead Warjack from my buddy Mike's Cygnar commission work. This was easily the coolest Cygnar warjack I have painted yet. It was very detailed and had a pretty cool dynamic pose that reminded me of the Heisman trophy pose.

Wellnow that he is finished I am moving on to some of my own stuff, two Penitent Engines for my Sisters of Battle. After that I will most likely be updating the paint jobs on my Orcs & Goblins as well as Space Wolves. I still have a few more Cygnar models to get to but they are a little further down in the painting queue .

Well as always, thank you for stopping by my blog and please feel free to leave a comment.

- Meatball


MIK said...

Holy cow, he looks good! I wish we still played Privateer Press stuff around these parts...

Congrats on the first mini of '11!

Meatball said...

@Gyro - Thank you. I am glad we have a group that plays here, we are also about to start playing Malifaux but I am not going to jump too far into it, I grabbed a box set and will probably get the new updated rulebook when it comes out.

I am really liking having a variety in the gaming I do.

Nesbet said...

Looking good! Congrats for the first mini of this year, hope a lot more will come! ;D

I enjoyed viewing its base. Not much people addicted to PP stuff take care of their miniatures bases. Nice work!

Meatball said...

@Nesbet - Thanks, I just don't feel the model is complete until the base is done, I am glad you liked my effort :)

Papa JJ said...

Whoa, awesome 'jack! That's a really cool looking model, how difficult was the assembly on it? Also I was wondering what color you used as a primer because the white areas look so good.

Meatball said...

@Papa JJ - I can't say how difficult the assembly was as I am painting the Cygnar models for a friend and he already has them assembled by the time I get them.

I used a white primer for two reasons, first because I knew there was going to be some white plating on the jack and second I wanted the blues to be more vibrant so anytime I am looking for bright, vibrant colors I prime the model white.

I hope that helps!

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