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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tavern Talk - New Years Resolutions

Kuffy, over at the Trading Post has posted a new Tavern Talk topic for the new year. See his own words below!  

The new year is here, time for all those promises you make to the 'hobby gods', friends and family about your hobby.  It is time to admit them to the blogosphere, to share with us all the resolutions you have made for Fantasy in the new year.  What are your plans for the up coming year?  What goals do you hope to achieve for 2011?  

Well for Fantasy battle this year I really only have two plans that I hope to be able to keep up with.

First and foremost I need to update the paint job on my Orcs and Goblins. They were the first army I ever owned and then I traded them off for my first 40K army (Space Wolves). We long story short I managed to get my Orcs and Goblins back 10 years later, but now the age on their paint job is showing so I really want to get them up to stuff before the fall so i can take them to the Alamo GT.

So to get started with that I have stripped down Grimgor and his unit of black orcs. They are now primed and ready to be painted as my first step into updating this army. I don't plan on stripping all the models, as many of them can be fixed with with some simple washes and new flock on their bases. Either way I do have allot of work ahead of me, but stay tuned as I will be documenting it all on my blog starting with the new paint job and Grimgor and his Ladz.

My second big project for the year is to finish collecting the models I want for my Vampire counts and then start putting some pain on the minis. I have most of what I want I am just looking at adding more zombies, because you can never have too many zombies. In addition to the zombies I want to add a unit of Black Knights and some Spirit Hosts and finally a unit of Cairn Wraiths with a Tomb Banshee.

I have been busy making custom bases for minis and I am really happy with how they are turning out. So once I collect the rest of the minis I will finish my customizations and then hopefully get some paint on the models.

Those are two pretty big projects and if somehow I manage to get them both accomplished then I have my Beastmen as a third and final project for the year, but I know the chances of that are slim to none.

Well there you have it those are my plans for Fantasy Battles for 2011. As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment or two, and be sure to check out the Trading Post, your hub for Fantasy Battles blogs!



MIK said...

Both are pretty ambitious seeing how they deal with whole armies, more power to you! Do you have anything else in the wings or is straight to fantasy fixing goodness?

Papa JJ said...

Looking forward to seeing these, I was considering both of these armies before eventually choosing to go with Dark Elves. The open ended nature of collecting Vampire Counts with all the zombies, skeletons, etc. was a deterrent for me but otherwise I think they're an awesome army. I hope you have a great hobby year!

Meatball said...

@Gyro - Yeah plenty else in the wings, I got my Space Wolves that I need to update to the new codex paint scheme, as well as finishing my Sisters of Battle. Then there is Warmachine/Hordes and my Americans for Flames of War :) Its going to be a busy year.

@Papa JJ - That is funny because I almost got Dark Elves, I still think they are an excellent army and I still may get them eventually. I too look forward to seeing your work on the Dark Elves!

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