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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Projects Update!

I finished a few of my painting projects this week. First up were my final 4 Templar Neophytes. They have a simple all black paint scheme which makes them stand out better in my crusade squads. The faces gave me some trouble this time but in the end I was happy with how they turned out. This leaves me with 8 more Initiates with bolt pistol and ccw, 2 Initiates with melta guns and 4 initiates with various heavy weapons left to paint and then all of my Templar troops are done.

Next up on my completed projects was my limited edition Emperor's Champion. I was so excited to find him on Ebay a few months ago. There are usually a few of him every time I look but they are either already painted or going for $50. I got lucky and found mine completely unpainted with 2 mins to go on the auction and the price at $14 so I bid my $15 bucks and waited out the timer. I am pretty happy with how he turned out, but I will need to go back over his robes, when posting this I saw some areas with bad brush strokes. He was my last HQ model to paint for my Templars, so once I finish the troops I will have a Rhino and a Predator tank to complete the entire army.

Now my biggest problem is going to be deciding which Emperor's Champion to take to any games I play. My nice new Limited Edition champion or my conversion who has served me so well over the last year? Oh well when it comes to game day maybe I will just let a dice roll decide for me.
I won't be painting minis for a day or two as I just got some new greenstuff and plan to continue my Valhallan conversions going. I will post my progress on those as I get some complete.


Dverning said...

Use the regular one! The LE seems to have had his ass handed to him often enough that it fell off. (God that was such an ugly modeling mistake...)

Plus, I like the pose and painting on your normal one just that bit better.

BJ said...

I like my converted champion as well. I wanted him to look like he was calling out a challenge to my opponent's HQ.

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