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Friday, July 17, 2009

Converting Valhallans Part 1

In my last post I showed my first attempts at converting my Cadian guard into Valhallans. Well my first attempt was OK but I knew it could be better. Lucky for me Karitas from Excommunicate Tratoris stopped by the blog to give me a few tips. Then maybe a day later he posted a Greenstuff Coat Tutorial on his blog. After reading it over, I completely scrapped my attempted conversion and will be attempting to use his technique, only making the coats a little more winter in flavor. So I would like to say thank you to Karitas for all of his help.

Now the conversions I originally worked on were not all bad. I did manage to work out how I will make my conscripts look different from my core army. While researching way to convert Valhallans, I came across this post on Librarium Online. The original poster was looking for a conversion for Valhallan Storm Troopers. Then a few responses down a member posted pics of his conversion as food for thought. Well I loved his conversion and decided to adapt it for Valhallan conscripts. These are pictures of my first attempts. I am very happy with the results and all that is left for this model is to make the fur lined gloves for his hands.

I will continue to post as I make more progress on my conversions. Tomorrow I will be starting my 2nd attempt at long coats using the tutorial provided by Karitas. Once I get that perfected then my next problem to solve is how to convert some female troops so that I can accurately represent the Vahallan 597th from the Ciaphas Cain 40K novels.


FoxPhoenix135 said...

What are you going to use for the heads? I have seen some decent Pig Iron heads with winter headgear, but they all have gasmasks as well.

BJ said...

Those are exactly the ones I am going to use for the majority of my models, I will convert my own for some commanders and Sgts thogh.

Aleksi Lehtio said...

awesome stuff!

Karitas said...

He Looks wicked, those cadians "eskimo up" quite nicely :)

I'm glad my post was of help, and I look forward to seeing your take on a coat, this fur would also work there, if you let the results of my versions cure overnight, then come back and fur it up the next day.

Have to be careful with colour choice and with the hood sculpt to avoing "santa's elves" syndrome, but they look like they'd really rock

I confess I also like the bearded guy in the Libram post, but them I like beards :)

BJ said...

Karitas, thats exactly what I was thinking of doing, your basic design for the coat but then adding the fur to it.

Any suggestions for making some females?

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