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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My new Man Cave!!!

Well last week my 19 year old daughter decided that it was time to leave the nest. I was a little down with that news as she is the first of my children to leave but I was glad to see her taking her life into her own hands. Then my wife really improved my mood when she asked me if I would like to move my man cave from the garage into the now vacant bedroom. "Hell Yeah" was my reply. We are already hitting the 90's in South Texas and I was not looking forward to hobby time in the over 100 degree San Antonio summer. So I have spent the last few days moving into my new Man Cave.

The room itself is not huge by any means, but I was easily able to get my 6X4 foot gaming table to fit in as well as some shelving for unfinished minis and a painting desk. All of my hobby stuff fit in the closet including all of my terrain as well as my city fight board.

I was able to hang up my Notre Dame fathead stickers and still have room for some gaming posters first of which will be the RIFT MMORPG poster that came with the game. I will just need to pick up a few other posters to give the cave walls sufficient decor.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little look at my new man cave, I know I am looking forward to being able to have hobby time in the sweet air-conditioning of the house.

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Papa JJ said...

Hey, nice going with the new hobby room! It's not even May, just think how awesome that AC will be when you're painting in August. Ahhhhhh...... :)

Meatball said...

@Papa JJ - Yeah it is April here and south Texas and we are already hitting the 90's. I got moved out of the garage just in time :)

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