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Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy Dice!!!

My buddy and I were playing a game of WHFB today, his Ogres against my Orcs and Gobbos. He was crushing my army the first two turns until one of his dice ended up like the picture to the left.

The fact that the dice landed and stayed in that position was pretty funny in and of itself, but what happened afterward is truly hilarious. His dice just completely abandoned him afterward. I was able to pull off a close victory thanks to his bad rolls and me making 4 different snake eyes leadership rolls at opportune times in the game.

The game was still a total blast and it confirmed to me that I will always have a 40 strong night goblin mob with netters and max fanatics. This unit has yet to let me down in a game. I also used Gitilla Da Hunter and Da Howlers; they managed to take down the giant with their bow shots.

The Ogres are a really hard nut to crack, and playing my buddy a few times now, I am starting to get Ogre fever so I may be doing a new Fantasy Army in the future.

I have included two crappy pics from the game, I always forget to take photos I managed two this time but I am sorry for the quality. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.



Unknown said...

Okay, maybe your dice hate you but your opponents dice must love you :D

Meatball said...

LOL how true. My dice were doing pretty good this game so I can't complain.

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