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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sisters of Battle: What do I do?

Well there have been numerous rumors floating about on sites like Warseer, Librarium Online and BOLS relating to the Inquisition and their possible release this summer. The one rumor that has me concerned is the rumor that Sisters of Battle will no longer be included in the Inquisition codex. I don't consider this a bad thing as I would love to see the Sisters get their own codex again, but it has brought up so questions about how I want to proceed with painting my army.

My main problem is what do I do with my Inquisitorial units? I haven't painted any of them yet. I usually prefer to run an all Sisters army on the field so I am feeling less and less motivated to paint them at all, especially if the rumors are true. So I think my new plan is going to be focusing on my Sisters units and just setting my Inquisitor units aside until I see come confirmation from GW on what the Inquisition book is going to contain.

The good news is by removing my Inquisitorial units I am almost done with my Sisters army. I will only have a few vehicles to paint. The bad news is I really have no interest in an Inquisition army, so I will have a bunch of minis with no use, I guess maybe I can throw them up on the Barter Bucket so that other gamers can get a use out of them.

What rumors have you heard about the Inquisition codex(s)?
How will this effect you if the Sisters are no longer included in the Inquisition codex(s)?


Daughters of the Emperor said...

I gotta tell ya that those little inquisition models are a lot of fun to paint. They have a lot of character to them and fun little fiddly bits to paint. I'm sure if you don't paint them up there are plenty of people that would love to paint them.
I also find the Inquisitor HQ option a lot of fun to play, you can mix and match it up so many different ways you can always keep your enemy guessing.

#2501 said...

What do you do? Get a bunch of Imperial Guard and field a nice combined army. There are plenty of good IG builds out there that also feature Sisters as decent elite elements (jumping out of a Valk to lay down some double melta fire) or a surprise (Creed+Outflanking Seraphim=win). Don't just trade 'em away, change up your game and use 'em!

Alternatively, start a Dark Heresy campaign. The Inquisitorial models are great in the 40k RPG too.

Hell, if you don't want 'em, I can always use servitors for my AdMech army...

BJ said...

I agree they do look like they would be fun to paint and I am still contemplating painting them in the end.

I know there are a bunch of ways to use the inquisitors now, but I am referring as to what to do once the new Inquisition codex(s)come out. The Rumors have it that Sisters will no longer be in an Inquisition codex. Furthermore, it is also well believed that there will no longer be any merging of units between the Imperial Guard or Space Marines with the Inquisition, so I am definitely not going to start a guard army until I see what rumors are true.

If the Inquisition Codex(s) are truly going to be stand alone armies that can't ally and the Sisters get their own codex again, then I will be having to figure out what to do with my Inquisition models as I really don't want an Inquisition army. I only own Witch Hunters because I was able to field them with my Sister's of Battle.

Chris said...

I know what you mean, I've shelved my Witch Hunters temporarily whilst we see what happens with the Codex.

sfkl5ajiwo5 said...

Just do it!.......................................................

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