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Monday, May 31, 2010

My 1st painted Warmachine Jack and other news!

I had a busy weekend of Warmachine the past couple of days. First up, I finished painting my very first Warmachine model. It is my buddy Mike's Cygnar Ironclad. Mike is the one who got me to try Warmachine so I decided to paint his stuff before I work on my Protectorate of Menoth models.

This model was so much fun to paint. He wanted traditional Cygnar colors but told me to apply them however I saw fit. I looked at the models on the Privateer Press site, and decided to go with a similar scheme as their ironclad. The main difference was I decided to use more white on the model and less of the yellows/golds. I really like the end results.

For the paints I used the following.

Blues: Citadel Mordian Blue Foundation, VGC Magic Blue, VGC Electric Blue and Citadel Asurmen Blue Wash.

Whites: Citadel Astronomican Grey Foundation and Skull White

Yellow: Citadel Iyanden Darksun Foundation, Citadel Golden Yellow and Citadel Gryphonne Sepia Wash

Metals: Citadel Boltgun Metal, Citadel Chainmail, Citadel Dwarf Bronze and Citadel Badab Black Wash

I also managed to get my second game of Warmachine in this weekend. I played a 15 point skirmish using my Protectorate of Menoth forces against my buddy Ken's Dwarf Mercs. I was excited because I managed to pull off Kreoss' "Drop and Pop" technique. Unfortunately the two models I sent in on the assassin run failed to kill off Gorten Grundback, leaving him with a measly 3 wounds. That would be all Ken needed though to finish me off.

All-in-all the more I play Warmachine, the more I am loving the game. It feels so balanced and just plain fun as compared to my experiences in both Fantasy and 40K. I have no plans on giving up my GW habit, but I definitely will be having to make room to fit a new fix in. Now I am just looking forward to the Hordes Primal Mark II release so I can try out my Circle of Orboros.

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