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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Projects Update: Sisters of Battle Heavy Weapons

Well I finally got some painting done in 2010. I managed to finish off my Sisters of Battle's Heavy Weapons. First up was my last two Multi-Meltas. I see in the picture the white on the helms came out a little rough so I may have to go back over those and touch them up a bit.

The next models that i managed to finish off were my last 3 Heavy Flamers. I am very excited to get these done I as use one in each of my Battle Sister's units. I am pretty happy with how they turned out as they match my older painted models very well.

Next up on my list for the Sisters is to finish my last 4 remaining Seraphim. Once those are completed all I have left is my Sisters Repentia  and a few command characters, then I will be moving on to my vehicles. Once the vehicles are done I have some further Space Wolf commission work from my friend Brandon. All in all I am back into the swing of things now so updates should be coming much more regularly.



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