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Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Update: Tomb Kings and a Dwarf!

Well this was a nice week of painting for me and Fantasy Battles. I managed to get 3 characters done and thus push two armies closer to completion.

First up is my Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer. I have been holding onto the model forever. I love the model as it is very characterful. I enjoyed painting him and I can't wait to see him on the battlefield. Of all the GW Standards Bearers, this has got to be my all-time favorite and it was a joy to get him painted.

Next up came my Tomb Kings Icon Bearer. I have yet to use this guy in an army list but now that he is painted I may just have to give him a go. I stuck with the same painting scheme as the rest of my Tomb Kings and I am very pleased with the over-all outcome of the mini.

Finally the last model I completed this week is my Queen Khalida model. I like this model and in my army I use her as a Liche Priestess usually placed with my Casket of Souls.

With the completion of her and my Icon Bearer the Tomb King army is very, very close to completion

Well that is all for now, I am off to paint more Dwarfs. As always all comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for taking the time to read The Winds of Magic!



Kuffeh said...

I'll agree about the dwarf BSB. I have both versions (the other he has a bald spot and the banner is slightly different). They're all nicely painted, however I think the skin of the dwarf along with his beard could do with some work. Not to say its bad, but rather the beard looks like its lost a small amount of detail with the highlighting.

The other two look great, nice choice of colours and combination. Though, I feel her grey bandages make the mini look quite dull. I'd have done a slightly lighter/whiter layer.

BJ said...

I think you are right on the Dwarf the more I look at it I agree I need to go back and add more detail to the beard and fix the skin.

Thanks for the comments.


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