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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Horus Heresy "Legion" - Please Tell Me It Gets Better!

I am only on the second chapter of LEGION but it has been the most difficult two chapters to read of any of the Hours Heresy books, Up to this point I have loved the entire series but I am dreading reading another page of this book. So far the story feels very sporadic and it seems to have jumped around to a few different plots, but for the life of me I can't tell which is the main plot of the book.

I don't know, it could just be me, I am just hoping someone can tell me that the book gets better and that things will start to make more sense as I read further because in all honesty I am lost and really finding it difficult to get the desire to read it.

So let me know what you thought of the book and if my opinion is just out in left field somewhere.


Rogue Pom said...

Finish the book for 2 reasons - 1. It is bad-ass in a different way to most other Heresy books. 2. Never start something that you don't intend to finish.


ian_wookieman said...

Stick with it! It's by far the best HH book. The development of the character of the Alphas and the Imperial Army is top notch and the ending is mind blowing.

Chris said...

Yep, stick with it. The ending of that book is ace. Definitely one of the best books in the whole series.

Somewhatdamaged said...

legion is by far the best HH book
its disjointed for a reason and will feel that way for a while, but it comes together in an oh-so-awesome way

BJ said...

Thanks everyone I will get back into in straight away, I feel better about it now.


James said...

It's not the best by a long shot, but then I don't have a bias for Abnett though either. The first four books are still the best of the lot. It is slow and plodding and if you read very carefully, you can call the ending a mile away. However, stick with it anyway. I feel it suffers from a lot of poor editing and a somewhat herky-jerky cadence, 2-D characters, and frankly, it is boring. It also, on the weight of it, fails to bring the Alpha Legion any intelligence or solid background. It's really just to give them some motive, and while that motive is somewhat reasonable (even neat), it just tanks because it has the whole book as window-dressing backdrop to the outline of a motive which is apparent by the middle. If you can get through Descent of Angels, this is nothing. Hold the course. Congratulate yourself by the end. And know that while you accomplished the read, the Alpha Legion still suffers from a lack of proper PR comparable to anyone else.

Angelic_Despot said...

I think this is one of the better books in the series. By now you should have realised that the series is not just following the same characters from the first trilogy until the end of the Heresy.

Each book (with varying degrees of success) is telling a different part of a story, and in the style of the legion that is being covered.

The Alpha Legion are bitty, confusing, and involved with lots of small people doing little things (rather than being a bunch of psycho bezerkers going all out charge).

Don't be looking for this book to pick up where the first trilogy left off (Galaxy in Flames was one of the worst books though, in my opinion). Look at this book as covering a separate war, almost. One of small skirmishes, plots, ambushes, recruiting agents etc. I think it does it rather well.

Angelic Despot

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