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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 40K New Years Resolution

Well 2009 is coming to a close and I am looking back on what hobby related resolutions I made last year and deciding what to do for this New Year.

Well for my resolution last year I had 2 that were 40K related. The first was to make a 40K dedicated blog. It took a little longer than I had originally wanted but if you are reading this you can see I accomplished that resolution.

My 2nd resolution was to finish off 4 of my partially painted armies, Black Templars, Tzeentch Chaos Marines, Necrons and Sisters of Battle. Unfortunately I only managed to complete the Necrons and the Black Templars, but I have made substantial progress on my Chaos Marines and Sisters of Battle.

Well this year I have 3 resolutions that I am going to shoot for. The first is to finish the Sisters of Battle as well as the Chaos Marines. The 2nd will be to finish converting and then painting my Imperial Fists with the hopeful goal of having the my version of the entire 3rd Company with some auxiliary units from the 1st and 10th companies. Lastly I am making it my goal to play many more games this year as what is the point in painting and modeling all these armies if I never use them for what they were intended.

Well there you have my review of last year's resolutions as well as my new goals for 2010. Let's hear how well you all did with your 2009 resolutions and what you are planning for 2010.



Warhammer 39,999 said...

Finish four armies in one year? That was your resolution? Egads, talk about reaching for the stars!

I didn't have any 40k related resolutions last year. This year, I'll be setting a painting points goal, and perhaps some other gaming resolutions, but I think more of my focus will be in my professional and personal development.

Good on ya though. Looking forward to another year's worth of quality posts.

BJ said...

Well to be fair all 4 armies were at least half-way painted so it was more like painting 2 armies worth of models.

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