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Monday, August 17, 2009

Marshal with Jump Pack Conversion

I was messing around with a few army lists over the past week and I have decided to add an Assault squad to my Templars. Who better to lead the squad than Marshal Kilburne, the leader of my Templar Crusade Force. So I get to build another version of my valorous leader. I chose to equip him with a jump pack, a pair of lightning claws, bionics, and an Iron Halo. Now I had to pick a model to use a a base for the Marshal. I decided on the Vet. Space marine shown to the right.

I started out using my clippers to remove the model's helmet. Once I had enough of the helmet removed, I then began to work at it with my trusty Dremel. I used my Tungsten Carbide Cutters and continued to remove the remainder of the helmet. I did have a few slips with the Dremel and ended up scuffing some of the armor surface as well as the collar, but nothing i couldn't fix with some greenstuff once I had finished.

Once the Helmet was removed I used the same tool to drill a hole for the head placement. After I had my hole drilled out I then smoothed out the rough cuts on the metal.

I had 3 different heads picked out. One was the Space Wolf Head with the short hair, the other was an actual Templar Marshal head and the 3rd was the Tact. Squad Sgt head. I chose the last one because it looks like it has allot of bionic components therefore could represent my bionics wargear.
After a few additional clippings of the head and the body to get the fit right I then attached the head to the body and waited for the glue to dry.

My next step was to use greenstuff to rebuild the damaged portions of the power armor collar. I decided to leave some of the scuffs on the armor itself as battle damage. Once I was satisfied with the rebuild of the collar, I moved on to attaching the arms and jump pack.

I decided to use the same arms that came with the model, but I chose to reposition them from how the original pose was. I had to clip the arm fitting and use some greenstuff but I got both arms to point down as I wanted. Next I attacked a spare jump pack and then I clipped the Iron Halo off my extra Assault of Black Reach commander and glued it onto the jump pack.

Here is the model in its current state. I still have some work to do on the collar but over all I am happy with how the model is turning out. I still have some other Templar bits I will be adding but soon Marshal Kilburne will be ready to lead the Assault Squad into battle.
Well that's it for now, I will keep the blog updated on this model's progress . As always comments are welcome.



Feldmarshal Goehring said...

The converted marshal looks good.

Keep up the good work.

BJ said...

Thank you :)

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