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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project Update: Space Wolf Terminators

I just have a quick update today to show my latest finished group of models. I am having fun painting up the Space Wolves, but this will probably be the last unit I do for a little bit. A good friend of mine needs 20 Chaos Terminators and a few other models painted so I will be once again painting other people's minis while mine sit. I really need to learn how to say no. After that is finished I will be moving back to my Orcs and Gobbos, so it may be quite awhile before more of my Space Wolves show up on the blog.

As always, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment. I am always interested in feedback on my models.



MIK said...

It's hard to leave solid, constructive feedback when things like, "looks cool" and "awesome" keep springing to mind.

I know, I know...*why* do they look cool, *how* are they awesome, *what* will make them better? Questions better answered, but the answers escape me.

Tristan M said...

really love the white-ish helmets and glowing eyes.

my only criticism is i think the battle damage bits are overall too big. some big one's work but there should be little bullet grazings, etc. too.

the one guys left knee looks like sauron's eye or the black legion symbol, which kinda seems out of place but maybe looking from the side with the yellow shoulderpads might fit in better.

overall they are much better than i could ever do!

Kuffeh said...

Great stuff. I like that you've not taken the GW scheme for the wolves, I find the near baby blue colour not suitable for wolfkin berzerker vikings in space.

These guys are great, the battle damage is well done, but I do agree that bits of it are a little large for the model, some smaller pieces would have worked better I feel.

Meatball said...

@Mik, thanks man "looks cool" is fine for feedback.

@Tristan, Now that you mentioned the battle damage that is all I can see LOL, so I will be spending some time tonight making those smaller ;-) Thanks for the feedback!

@Kuffeh, Yeah I hate the GW colors for the Space Wolves. I much prefer the darker, gritter grey. Now that it has been pointed out I totally agree on the battle damage and will be working on that later tonight! Thanks for the feedback!

Andy - bG said...

I really like these. The dark grey scheme, battle damage and the white helmets all work together really well. And you've managed to use yellow as a spot colour without it looking stupid and garishly bright. Really well done.

Meatball said...

@Andy-bG Thank you. Other than the darker grey, I am just following the use of colors in the Space Wolf codex. The army I am building is Rangnar Blackmane's Great Company and yellow his company color. I do try to keep it in small amounts though ;-)

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