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Sunday, July 3, 2011

After the Battle: Questions for other O&G players

I had a really great game of WHFB yesterday even though I lost. The points limit was 2500 and I played an all goblin list against my buddy Scott's Ogres. The battle was a blast as the momentum kept swinging back and forth between each army for most of the game. In the end my gobbos were just not strong enough to defeat the ogres but I was happy with how they performed and with a few better dice rolls the game would have went the other way.

I tried 3 new units that I have not used before in the game. My Arachnorock spider, a unit of 10 Squigg Hoppers joined by a tooled up big boss on a giant squigg and 2 Mangler Squigg units. This is where my questions for the other Orcs and Goblins players come in.

My Arachnorock did very well. It was the basic model no additions, and it munched on a unit of Leadbelchers doing tons of damage and then finally running the sole survivor down as he fled. Unfortunately this left him open to a charge from a unit of bulls. The combat was fierce on both side but when it came time for my thunderstomp I managed to roll a 1 for the number of hits and then another 1 for the damage. In the end I lost combat due to ranks and banner and ended up running off the table.

So my question here is should I use the Arachnorock as more of a support charger trying to get flanks and such or do I continue to use it solo and just risk the ranks and banner bonuses that my enemies unit is going to get.?
Next up is my Squigg Hoppers. These guys did great and tore up the units on the right flank (2 different units of Leadbelchers). But then I needed them in the center and because of bad rolling for their 3d6 movement by the time they got their it was too late to help.

So how do you other O&G players use the Hoppers? I was using them to guard a flank which they did beautifully but then afterwards they just couldn't do any more for me. Should I keep them more in the center of the line and throw them at tough units? I like these guys but I am not sure I am using them correctly.

Lastly I have my 2 units of mangler squiggs. I just have no idea what I did wrong with these guys. Ok I know what I did wrong with the first unit. I let it get into line of sight with some Leadbelchers :-(  but the 2nd one suffered from the same problem I had with the hoppers. Poor rolling for the 3d6 movement kept them out of the action for the entire game. I am considering only taking one next time if I use them again at all.

So that is my 3rd and final question what are the Mangler Squiggs good for? I placed on of mine in the center of the line and the other on the right flank. The one in the center got shot to pieces in turn 2, the one on the right flank never saw any action. I could really use some advice on these guys as I really think it is a cool unit and I am having fun modelling up my own for the task.

Before I go, I did want to mention 2 of my most outstanding units. These units have performed well in every game I have used them in. They would be my 40 strong Night Goblin horde with netters and 3 fanatics and my 20 strong Squigg Herd unit. I always throw the Night Goblin horde right into the middle and let it cause as much havoc as it can for as long as it can while my other units either support it or carry onto their own targets. My Squigg herd is just a great damage dealing unit and I am seriously considering adding another one to my army. I have the squiggs I just need to model up some handlers.

Well that is all I have. I just had a blast playing yesterday, but it also left me with some questions on how to use some units. So if you play O&G please feel free to give me some feedback on the units I mentioned or just on O&G in general.



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