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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Updates: Imperial Guard 1st Squad

I just wanted to throw up a quick post to show the first squad I have painted for my Buddy Scott's Imperial Guard. I am painting them to match some models he already had done. I got the colors pretty darn close so now with the first squad done I will be pressing on.

Scott gave me well over 3k worth of Guard to paint and that is not including any vehicles. So this is going to be a long term project as he is in no hurry to get the army back. So you will be seeing some more Imperial Guard updates as I fit them in with my other projects.



MIK said...

They look nice, like right and proper Cadians for sure.

I didn't know you were painting armies up, I'll send you two of mine to do. Unlike Scott however, I am in a hurry. So, um, yeah, I'll need you to come in on Saturday. Go ahead and come in on Sunday too, that'd be great, thanks.

Meatball said...

ROFLMAO, sure send them my way... I will get them right back to you wink, wink, Oh my they never arrived... they must have gotten lost in the mail. ;-)

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