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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MAY WAAAGH!: The Final Models

Well I know this post is a little late. I had family in for the first two wees of June and it really set back my hobby/blog posting time. Anyway, these are the final models I managed to finish in the May WAAGH! I really consider it a success as I got every Orc model I had that needed it got updated. I now only have about 80 Night Goblins to update and then I can start painting my new models for the army.

The bulk up my updating at the end of the WAAGH! was Savage Orcs. The first unit is my Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Next up are my two Savage Orc Shamans. I really enjoy the character on these guys. They just scream savage orcness to me. I really can't wait to paint up some of the new plastic Savage Orcs. I really wanted to strip these guys down and re-paint but I am fighting the urge as I already have a long queue of Orcs to paint so I stuck to my guns and just updated the look of the models as much as I could in the time I had allotted my self.

Last up on the finished models were my swarms of Snotlings, a Night Goblin Shaman and a Goblin Shaman. There wasn't much I could do with the Snotlings so I just re based them and called it a day. Both of my Shamans need some touch up paint and a green wash to bring out some detail. After that I just updated their bases to match the rest of the army and pressed on.

I will still be posting pics of my Orcs as I continue to finish them. I am really close to the end of updating models, then I will be posting all new freshly painted Orcs and Gobbos! I am hoping to be finished with the entire army by the end of summer and just in time for the Alamo GT which will be my first GT ever!!!.

Well, this brings an end to the May WAAGH! It was a blast for me and kept me focused on what needed to be done. I am very pleased with not only the results but the amount of models I was able to get finished. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.



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