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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May WAAAGH!: Latest Updated Models and a Spider!!!

WAAAGH! month has carried over into May and I am already glad I extended it. In the first two days I have gotten 5 models updated and built my Arachnarok. Up first is my Warboss, Grubak Skulzbusta on his Wyvern, Ironmaw. All I really had to do to get this model back in action was some touch ups where paint had chipped and then  a green wash and devlan mud wash. Lastly I painted and flocked the base to match the rest of the army.

The second model I updated was my Goblin Wolf Chariot. Somewhere in my travels the banner goblin got lost; lucky for me I had the banner bearer for Ruglud's Armoured Orcs Regiment, so I used him to replace the lost one.

This model had many more chips and took a little longer to repair. After it was painted I followed up with the washes then painted and flocked the base to match.

I am looking to pick up at least two more of these little guys to run in my All Goblin Army, but I am really not looking forward to the all metal models :-(

The last three models I finished since May 1st are my Stone Trolls. I am really happy with how they turned out and all I did to get them ready was the Devlan Mud wash and then the bases. I may one day expand these out to six trolls but not before I get my River Trolls to that number.

Well there you have it the latest models to be updated for my Orcs and Goblins army. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Also you can take a look at the last pic on the post for a sneak peek at my unpainted Arachnarok Spider. This will be the first model I paint after I finish updating my other models.



MIK said...

That Arachnarok is just so over-the-top it's awesome. Great looking Orc progress too, I like the Wyvern-riding general quite a bit.

Meatball said...

Thanks Mik, I love the Arachnarok. Once I saw the first pics of it I knew I would have one in my army. More Orcs coming soon :)

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