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Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Update: Sisters of Battle

This week fresh off of my painting desk comes some more of my Sisters of Battle. They are all painted in the heraldry colors of the Order of the Valorous Heart which is the order I have chosen for my Sisters.

First up are my two Imagifiers, I haven't really used them in battle yet but I am planning on fitting them into a list I am currently working on. Any help in getting my Acts of Faith off sounds good to me.

I really prefer the second model to the first, but both were fun to paint and will get pretty much equal use in my army.

 Next up is the last of my Veteran Sister Superiors. I have equipped her with a power weapon and a combi-flamer to purge the heretics of the universe. Depending on what list I run she will either be a part of my Canoness' retinue or she will lead her own unit of Celestians into battle with the Emperor's enemies.

Finally we end with the Canoness herself. She is armed with an Eviscerator as well as an Inferno Pistol.  This will give her the ability to deal with with just about any foe including most vehicles.

With these four models I am now done with all of the Sisters for my army. I still have two Inquisitors, some of their henchmen, a few Assassins and a squad of Storm Troopers, then I can move onto my vehicles.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog, any and all comments are welcome.



CanolliCrusader said...


I must know how you did the text on the banner...must....know.


BJ said...

LOL that is so easy, it comes on the Witch Hunter decal sheet. I used microsol and microset to get it to take the shape of the banner as well as get rid of decal halo that you usually see around the edges.

I hope that helps!


Kuffeh said...

I really like the look at these gals, BJ. I too was going to ask about the banner, and now I feel a tad cheated. =P

I would however like to suggest you look at the white. From these images it looks a bit thick in places and unshaded. It might be the pictures though.

Either way, great work!

BJ said...

Thanks Kuffeh, I need to get some better lighting for my photo box so hopefully that will improve the quality of the pictures so that more of the detail shows through.

LOL I am sorry you feel cheated, I am by no means an expert painter so when I have the chance to use decals I use them. I don't paint for awards, I paint for me and I personally love how the decals turn out especially when I used with microsol and microset.

I have been practicing on my painting skills though when it comes to these details and hopefully with time I will be doing alot more free-hand stuff.


Daughters of the Emperor said...

Fabulous! I also have those two Imagifiers left to paint along with some other stuff, I'm jealous that you are done with all your sisters.

BJ said...

You will get there, I still have a bit to go before the army is done but I am on the final push!

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