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Monday, April 26, 2010

My first game of Warmachine and some WHFB rambling

I know this is a Warhammer Fantasy blog, but recently I had my first game of Warmachine and needless to say I am sold on it. So what does this mean?Well from time to time you will be seeing Warmachine posts on this blog.

So my friends have been bugging me to try Warmachine. I bought the Mark II rulebook and gave it a read through. The rules sounded pretty cool so  I jumped right in and bought the Protectorate of Menoth battle group. I also picked up the faction deck and a solo character so that I had enough points to do a 15 point skirmish battle.

I finally got to play my first game this past Thursday and I must say I am sold on the game. We only had time for 3 rounds, as both my friend and myself were learning the game from a more experienced player, but the rules are very smooth and fast paced. I love the synergies that exist between units and over all I was just very impressed with the game. After our skirmish was over, I immediately bought a package of the game templates and the new plastic Jack kit for Menoth. I am now well on my way to collecting a full Protectorate force. Stay tuned for further updates as I delve further into Warmachine.

I also have some things going in the Fantasy Battles realm as well. I am almost finished painting my Tomb Kings army. I will be posting pics of my last few models over this week and then once I am finished painting, I will post a full article showcasing the entire army.

I am also in the process of making a trade with a friend to get a fully painted Orc and Goblin army. The funny thing is I painted this army and traded it to my friend years ago. I think it will be interesting to see how far my painting skills have come since then. The other funny part of the story is I am trading him back his own Warriors of Chaos army that he gave me for my Wood Elves. In the end I am excited because I will have another completely painted army and I always enjoyed my Orcs. The only real problem is I now have to re-learn them as I haven't played them since 6th edition.

Well I think that is enough rambling for today, here are some questions I have related to this post.

Have you played Warmachine and if so what is your opinion?

What are your thoughts on Orcs and Goblins in Fantasy Battles?

As always thanks for reading the blog, any and all feedback is welcome!



Shelexie said...

Hey - I am a fan of Warmachine (Cygnar). Glad you enjoyed your game. As you get a chance, purchase a new warcaster or two. It is amazing how a simple change of 'caster can completely change the way you play the same units. Have fun with it!

BJ said...

Yeah a new Warcaster is on my "To Buy" list, in no particular order here is what I am considering for my next 3 purchases.

- Harbinger of Menoth Warcaster
- A Temple Flameguard Unit
- A Flameguard Cleansers Unit

I am not sure what direction I am going after that, but those are my next purchases.

Gyro said...

We played a ton of WM 'back in the day', but haven't touched it in years and years. Perhaps these new rules I keep hearing so many good things about might pull us back in? I dunno, but I look forward to more of your WM posts!

BJ said...


I never played under the old rules but so far I am very impressed by the Mark II rule set. It seems to be a pretty balanced system and very fun to play.

John said...

Glad you enjoyed your first hit of Warmachine its an awesome game. Even better to see someone new taking up Menoth.

As a long time Menoth player I would strongly suggest you aim for the following units as your next purchases:
- Knights Exemplar
- Rhupert Cavalo Piper of Ord
- Choir of Menoth
- Severius or Feora as yr next caster

Knights Exemplar are simply awesome melee combat infantry. Rhupert is a merc unit that buffs your other units. Choir is essential if you are running Jacks.

With Menoth the key to success is Synergy - multiple units working in combination to add to eachothers abilities.

For new casters Harbringer is a difficult choice - Severius (either version) & Feora (either version) offer some great options.

John said...

By the way really enjoy your blog keep it up :)

BJ said...


Thanks for the advice, I am about to bust out my deck so I can see what your suggestions offer me.

I love the background of Menoth and what units I have read seem very cool.

I will pick up one of the casters you suggested, but I will eventually have the harbinger as that model is too beautiful not to own :)

Again thanks for the advice and thanks for visiting my blog.

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