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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Projects Update: Tomb King

I don't have much to show for this week as I got to play a few games and I am getting ready for Thanksgiving Vacation.

What I did finish was my 2nd Tomb King. This one is on foot and I usually run him as a Tomb Prince in a unit of Skeletons. I painted him similar to my Tomb King in a Chariot, but different enough that it can be used as another character.

I did manage to play a game with one of my daughters this week. Out of no where my 17 year old asked if I would teach her how to play. She picked my Vampire Counts as her army and I played with the Dwarfs. We did a 2250 point pitched battle. She was a quick learner and began to recognize how the Vampires played and managed to hold me to just a minor victory.

She had a good time and it looks like I may have another gamer in my family. She already wants to play again when we get back from our Thanksgiving trip.



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