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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Projects Update: Dwarf Thunderers

Not much to post this week as I spent most of my painting setting up the this new blog. The only fantasy minis I finished were the Command Group for my Dwarf Thunderers. The good news is this bring the Thunderers to completion.

With this unit finished I am down to 20 Quarrellers, 20 Rangers and a few characters till this army is finished. I have even less to finish on my Tomb Kings which means I am about to have 2 fully painted Fantasy armies. Not only that, but these are the two armies I have had for a few years, so it feels good to finally be able to play Fantasy with fully painted minis again. Now I just need to not sell them as I have usually done in the past.

After I finish those two Armies then it will be a matter of deciding which to paint next, Vampire Counts, Warriors of Chaos or Beasts of Chaos. I am leaning towards the Vampire Counts at this time, but we shall see how I feel in a few weeks.


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