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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project Update: Warmachine, Goblins, and a Rhino

Today is just a day of posting some finished projects. First up is for my all Goblin list I am trying to get painted in time for the Alamo GT. This a unit of Night Goblin Squigg Riders that I have named da" Nutters.

Next is my second unit of Exemplar Errants for my 35pt tier 3 Kreoss list for Menoth in the Warmachine game system.

Continuing with my Kreoss list, up next is my solo, an Exemplar Seneschal.

Last up is my first Rhino for the Imperial Fists. I was really nervous about painting my first yellow vehicle and it was difficult. Covering  up mistakes became the biggest problems, but over all I feel like the end result was worth it.

Well that is it for today. I have a few other projects that are close to finishing that i will be posting later in the week. Please feel free to leave any feedback on any of the models in this post.  Constructive feedback is always welcome.



Alviro said...


Anonymous said...

Some of you may be wondering why Meatball has not been writing. I am sad to say my best friend BJ...AKA Meatball passed away. Its rough not being able to speak with him and life just isnt the same anymore. He was very proud of his blog and you guys for always visiting it. Take care and live your life to the fullest like BJ did.

Rest for now BJ, I will give you a game when i get to heaven with you....


Papa JJ said...

Goodbye, BJ. Rest in peace.

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