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Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome to My Dice Hate Me!

Welcome followers of  Extremis Diabolus and Winds of Magic as well as anyone else who may have stumbled in. Welcome to my new home on the web. My Dice Hate Me! is going to be my focal point for everything I do or enjoy about the Wargaming Miniature hobby.

The blog is still in its early phases, there are many changes to come down the road. I am already looking into getting a banner created for the blog and once that is accomplished I will be adjusting the color scheme as well as the format.

I have already included all of the previous posts from both of my former blogs. I will also be continuing the "Motivational Monday" posts, but now I will be including motivation from any gaming system I am playing. There will still be plenty of my project updates to show off as well as discussion on various wargaming topics.

One of the new aspects I plan on adding is to become the Defender of all the Fluff Bunnies out there. While I have nothing against competitive gamers, I am not one. My first miniature gaming experience came from playing RPGs, especially D&D. The best part about this hobby for me are the epic tales that are created through game play with friends. I hope to cover much more of this as well as address some of the Fluff Bunny myths that float around the web.

Finally, I am hoping to bring on another writer or two for the blog. I have a couple of good friends who I am recruiting to begin posting their thoughts as well.

I am glad that you found the blog and I hope you will continue to stop by. Please feel free to leave comments, give advice or even criticism. I have a pretty thick hide (+5 Armor) and am not easily offended so feel free to let me know how you feel. OK now stop reading this and get back to gaming!



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