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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Project Update: 23 Oct 09

Just a quick projects update. This week it has been all fantasy for me when I have had time to paint. I managed to finish off my Liche Priest that I will be using as my Heirophant. This is actually the model that came the the Casket of Souls. I think he is wicked looking so I use him as my Heirophant.

I also managed to complete my Tomb King mounted in a chariot. I made my of Flail of Skulls for him but using a flail from the Chaos marauders along with some skulls from my Vampire Counts.

I was also working on my Bone Giant but did not get him finished in time for this post. Also i am sorry the pics are poor quality, my camera batteries died and I was stuck using my wife's camera which I suck at using.

Next up are some Dwarf Thunderers, and more than likely more Tomb Kings, as I try to finish off my Tomb Kings and Dwarf armies.


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